Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here it is -- the first of probably several posts to include many random pictures. These blogs will be brought to you courtesy of the fact that Mike and I, together, have finally decoded Kodak's secrets -- though I'm pretty sure it involved the staff of Ra and something to do with our firstborn child. I'll try to do this somewhat chronologically. This first pic to the left is the front of our house this past February when we had a ridiculous amount of snow. Notice the massive ice hanging from the gutter (which is apparently a bad thing, I found out. Who knew?)

Here I am in front of the Capitol Building on my awesome trip to D.C. for ACP's Leadership Day in May.

With the Bride & Groom at the Kidd/Sokel wedding...

...and at the Moody/Shoup wedding...

...and at the Nichols/Alleshouse wedding....

(it's difficult to get Mike to take serious pictures)

And I'll end this post with me at the finish line of the Morse Park Triathlon this year. I finished! Hooray!

(NOTE: though I've decoded Kodak, Blogger still has many mysterious and enigmatic ways. Hopefully I'll continue to unravel them and my posts will start to look less funky...)

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